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9/28/10 Republican town board member across the river in Colonie uses a racial slur. Earlier this year it was a Republican mayor in Cobleskill who used a racial slur? Is it really just a coincidence that they're both Republicans? Just asking.

9/12/10 GOP King Tut endorses taxpayer leach and xenophobe Paladino. Paladino gives speech about how he doesn't want New York to accept what more eloquent writers have called "the huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Nice. Why not give the Statue of Liberty to New Jersey then? And is Carl's offer to turn away immigrants retroactive? If so, that means the Mayor's dad couldn't come to America. Does Republican Harry even understand that? Sadly, probably not.

6/15/09 From the Troy Record: "Of course, he’ll [Bob Mirch, that is] be indemnified and the city will likely pay for what was a stupid move." So WE, the taxpayers of Troy, get to pay for GOPer Mirch's dumb decisions. Thanks, GOP mayor Harry for putting Mirch before the rest of us.

6/12/09 "The $20,000 is in reference to money the city paid Jack Cox after he sued because Mirch barricaded Ward’s Auto Body on Fifth Avenue, a property Cox recently purchased." Republican Bob Mirch has been wasting OUR money for so long that he doesn't care if he's cost us $20,000. This city needs every penny it can get and Mirch cost us 2 million pennies. The next judgment against Troy will cost us more than 2 million pennies, unfortunately. Ready to pay, people?

6/11/09 "City continues to pay for empty Verizon": Leave it to our Republican mayor to pay for a building that cannot be used as City Hall with the people's money. Why do GOP politicians around here constantly behave this way? Because they feel entitled to spend what doesn't belong to them.

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Your Elected Officials... Only You Can Do Something About It

City of Troy:
Harry Tutunjian (R)
City Council
Dean Bodnar (R)
John Brown (D)
Clem Campana (D)
Bill Dunne (D)
Gary Galuski (D)
Michael LoPorto (D)
Kevin McGrath (D)
Mark McGrath (R)
Kenneth Zalewski (D)
Rensselaer County:
County Executive
Kathleen Jimino (R)
County Legislature
Judith Breselor (R)
Stanley Brownell (R)
Kathleen Ryan Cassidy (D)
Michael Cristo (R)
Philip Danaher (R)
Lou Desso (R)
Leon Fiacco (R)
Mark Fleming (D)

Lester Goodermote (R)
Peter Grimm (D)
Kenneth Herrington (R)
Edward Manny (D)
Martin Reid (R)
Lou Rosamilia (D)
Peter Ryan (D)
Richard Salisbury (R)
Alexander Shannon (R)
Michael Stammel (R)
Thomas Walsh (R)

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